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I am interested in Art exhibitions and Art institutions in HK. I want to share my favorite visits, art shows and cultural discoveries in Hong Kong with you.

HK – Miles upon Miles: World Heritage along the Silk Road- HK Museum of history


Miles upon Miles: World Heritage along the Silk Road,

Hong Kong Museum of History, TSIM SHA TUI EXIT P2

Closed on Tuesdays

Ticket : 20 hkd


Paris – Louvre Museum- Francis I and the Dutch Arts


Francois Ier,detail, Jean Clouet, Circa 1530, oil on wood, Paris, musee du Louvre.

That exhibition, on display until January 2018, brings French Renaissance back to life. If the court of Francis I is famous for its brilliant livestyle and fashion, that beautiful exhibition underlines the influence of Flemish and Dutch Masters in a period which has always been described as very Italian.


3 Men with barrels, Master of Dinteville (Bartholomeus Pons?), 1537, Städel Museum, Franckfort 

With many artefacts such as portraits, paintings, altar pieces, tapestries, fine books and stainglass windows, Francis I and the Duch Arts reveals the very new research led by Art Historians about the influence and work of Northern artist in 16th century France.


Joos van Cleve, portrait, Eleonore of Austria, c 1530, Royal collection Trust, R.E.II

Forgotten names, such as Godefroy le Batave, Noël Bellemare, Grégoire Guérard, Bartholomeus Pons, reappear on the foreground of one of the most vivid era of fine craftsmenship in Europe.


Francois Ier et l’art des Pays-Bas- Musée du Louvre,  Hall Napoléon

Where: 99 rue de Rivoli, 75001 – M° Louvre-Rivoli

When: Until January 15th 2018 –  Monday to Sunday:  9 am – 6 pm – Closed on Tuesdays. Night visits on Wed. and Fri,  until 10 pm

Tickets: 15 €

HK – Science Museum – Eternel Life – Exploring Ancient Egypt – Mummies


That special exhibition, on show until October 18, focuses on archeological findings in Tombs from Ancient Egypt, along with the high tech belonging to excavation methods. FASCINATING!


With 6 Egyptian Mummies dating back from 3000 to 1800 years ago, and 200 objects from the British Museum, the tour provides the visitors with digital screens allowing to undress the bandages around the death and to virtually see the inside of the mummie. This non invasive technique is called Computerized Tomography scanning: CT, and it is already changing the way scientists look at relics and tombs.



Venue : Hong Kong Science Museum

Hours : 10 – 19 closed on Thursday

Admission: 20 HKD



UK – Hampton Court – Tudor’s palace – Mantegna – Triumphs of Cesar


Hampton Court is not only the Tudor’s palace, but also an important place for Stuart rulers.  The most famous for his art collection, Charles I, purchased a huge set by Mantegna in 1629, from Francesco II Gonzagua of Mantua. The cartoons have been on display in the palace’s Orangery from 1630 onwards, and will be until October 30.


From December  2017 to May 2018, those 9 paintings, tempera on canvas,  will be on display at the exhibition dedicated to Charles II, Art and Power, an exhibition organised by the Royal Collection Trust at The Queen’s gallery – Buckingham Palace.



London – Canaletto exhibition – Queen’s Gallery – until November 12


Venice in the 18th century would have never been the same without its famous views by Canaletto. King George III of England bought 50 pieces from his ambassador in Venice, Sir Paul Smith, in 1762.

Those fabulous paintings, among other drawings by various Italian masters such as Marco Ricci or Francesco Zuccarelli, are on display at the Queen’s gallery, as part of the Royal collection. An exhibition curated by Lucy Whitaker and Rosie Razall, from The Royal Collection.

Highlights: 5 Large paintings of Rome, signed by Canaletto.


Canal Giovanni Antonio, Canaletto – Il Pantheon a Roma – 1742 – Royal Collection Trust

Venue Buckingham Palace

Hours : 10:00 – 17:30

Fee 11£

London – Wallace Collection – permanent display : Sèvres Porcelain


Inkstand – 1758-9 – after J-F Boucher – Medaillion with the head of Louis XVth – commissioned by the King

If there is one Museum fitting perfectly with a visit to London, it is by all means the Wallace Collection. As for a specific highlight, it is worth mentioning its astonishing collection of French Royal Porcelaine stamped by the manufacture of Sevres:  the biggest Collection in the world!


Curated by Dame Rosalind Savill, former directeur of the Wallace Collection, those pieces are soft-paste pieces of the best provenance, all commissioned by the King or Royal princes for thier domestic use or as diplomatic gifts. Their glazing, as their decoration, are  the finest examples you can find.


Venue : Hertford House, Manchester Square – London – W1U 3BN

Free Admission including temporary exhibitions.

Open daily from 10am – 5pm.

UK – Greenwich – The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College – tours begin 21st October 2017


The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College of Greenwich is currently under restoration. That beautiful Baroc Ceiling created by James Thornhill, an English artist, between 1707 and 1726, is one of the biggest of England.

A 50 minutes experience through scaffoldings and about 60 feet above the ground, under booking only.

Venue: Greenwich

Fee: 10 £

Hours: everyday from Oct 21st onwards