About Mathilde HK

A few words about me:

I have a typical name for an Alsace native girl: Mathilde, Mathilda in Alsace local dialect.  So, before English, I shall say I understand ‘Elsaessich’. I studied in France and Germany before graduating from Warwick University with a Master of Arts. I absolutely adored it! Museums, Art Collections and Auction Houses are just what I like. I was teaching Art History and History of French furniture before coming to  Hong Kong in September 2013.

People usually think art is about paintings and installations. My taste would rather go for Decorative Arts. I enjoy looking at objects that were actually used in the past. I spent my whole free time learning about Art, looking at Artifacts and talking about Art, in a sense, I am a geek. I decided to share my visits and discoveries of Hong Kong cultural sites and exhibitions with you.

Mathilde HK is a blog dedicated to Hong Kong people who are curious about Arts and Culture. So, please, comment my posts and share your own experiences and good addresses on that blog.

Do you like Fine Arts and Visual Arts?
Do you like Ceramics and Table Ware?
Do you like Design, Decoration and Craftsmanship?

Follow my peregrinations in Hong Kong:


Just for you to know my selection of places or objects is purely subjective. The comments I make and the brands or names I quote are completely for non profit purposes. I don’t make advertisement.

If you want to go further and have a private tour of an exhibition or an area of the city, I will be very happy to be your guide.


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Art exhibitions and Art institutions in HK : My favourite visits, art shows and cultural discoveries downtown

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