Mathilde at Fierce and Fragile – Hermes exhibition of Robert Dallet at Pacific Place

Until Saturday 24th, Hermes presents illustrations, from sketches to paintings, depicting Tigers, Panthers, Cheetahs or Leopards, realised by the French animal painter Robert Dallet, great observer of wild animals and passionate defender of endangered spieces.

img_6884 img_6889

The exhibition is part of the Robert Dallet Initiative for Wild Cat Conservation which was created by Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermes artistic director and Thomas S. Kaplan, founder of Panthera, a program promoting the preservation of Cats natural habitats around the world.


Robert Dallet worked as a designer for Hermes since the 1980s onwards but he constantly travelled to capture the everyday life of many wild species. 



Major sources of inspiration for Hermes scarfs and linen, the African Savana or the Indian jungle are part of the luxury brand’s identity, and they need to be protected.  The number of big cats is dramaticaly decreasing around the world , there are for instance more tigers in captivity than in nature, while the number of wild adults lions in Kenya is fewer than 150 by now. 



Admission: free

Venue: level 1, Pacific Place – 88 Queensway

until September 24th. 2016 – from 11am to 8 pm





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