Artymathilde at pier 8 – Norwegian Tall ship : Sorlandet

You enjoy sailing?

You like maritime heritage?

You want to see a legendary tall ship in Hong Kong?


The Sorlandet was built in 1927 thanks to the generosity of the Norwegian philanthropist and shipowner Oluf Andreas Tollefsen Skjelbred, who was a skilled ship captain himself. The ship now serves as a sailing and nautical training school, in adequation to the will of her owner.


The Sorlandet is now in Hong Kong!!!! Pier 8!!!! The welcoming ceremony was hold last Tuesday afternoon, with the traditionnal decorum!

On Saturday July 2nd, in partnership with the Maritime Museum, the Sorlandet is open to visitors. Don’t forget to book – enquiries 3713 2500!!!! First arrived first served….


Helm Of The Sorlandet Tall Ship by Lingfai Leung

Discover more on the sorlandet on their official website:


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