MathildeHK at City hall – Paris extended, Jean-Philippe Lebee

you are fond of Paris?

you enjoy photographes?


That exhibition was ment for you!  With 13 large scale photos depicting the Parisian lifestyle, that free exhibition launched jointly by LeFrenchMay and the Parisian airport Roissy Charles De Gaulle presents diptyques confronting the same figure inside Paris and within the airport terminals.


Until May 28, discover the fresh and poetic eye placed by such a young artists, Jean-philippe is 24, on his generation. A poetic view of Parisian landscape and French elegance.


A second personnel exhibition with spontaneity and  naturalism: no model but 4 young actrices and 3 young actors posed for the shooting, in their own clothes.  A insight in Paris everyday life…


Paris extended, Jean Philippe Lebee, Exhibition Hall, City Hall

Free admission

Exhibition guided tours

15-May 1:30-2:30pm (Chinese 中文)

22-May 1:30-2:30pm (English 英文)



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