MathildeHK at the M+Sigg Collection exhibition – Artistree

You are fond of Contemporary Art?

You like Chinese artists?

You want to discover a new venue?

In Taikoo, Quarry Bay, the space Artistree, along with M+ Museum – West Kowloon, display about 80 pieces, from installation to painting and photography, a selection among the 1500 pieces of the  Sigg Collection. From the “No Name group” members to Ai Wei Wei, the exhibition showcases the History of Chinese Contemporary Art, from 1974 to 2012. A real opportunity to understand the major streams and name embodying Chinese art today.


Sigg Collection

Dr Uli Sigg started collecting Chinese Contemporary Art in the 1990’s and he recently decided, in 2012, to donate his collection to M+ Museum – West Kowloon. With about 1500 pieces in total, his art collection gives a focus on the main names and thematics that influenced Chinese artists in the last four decades, a real source for historians and critics, a wonderful journey through China for the Public…



“The Sigg Collection is widely regarded as the “largest, most comprehensive and most important collection” of contemporary Chinese art in the world. The collection is especially important as a historical ‘document’ of one of the most culturally dynamic periods in modern Chinese history. In the press release, Sigg mentioned his historical aims in collecting Chinese contemporary art. “I decided […] to collect like an institution would: documenting the art production of China from day one to today – along the timeline, across all media, rather than according to my personal taste as a private collector would,” he said, “I set out to create that ‘document’ about Chinese contemporary art that is missing in China, and missing outside as well.””

Uli Sigg donates “most comprehensive” Chinese contemporary art collection to M+

A must in Hong Kong, until April 5th!!!!


Admission free
Open Daily 11am – 8pm
(open till 7pm on 2, 10, 15 March; 5pm on 5 April)

ArtisTree, 1/F Cornwall House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong for reservation and further information


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