Mathilde at Galerie Perrotin – Terry Richardson

You like celebrities and Rock?

You are curious about photography?

You enjoy portraits and fashion?


Terry Richardson, “Eva Herzigova” 1997, picture@galerieperrotin
C-print mounted on aluminium, frame / C-print monté sur aluminium, encadrement
41 11/32 x 27 9/16 in / 105 x 70 cm
Edition of 3

Until March 12, the contemporary art Gallery Perrotin is launching an exhibition of ” Portraits” by the famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson. In parallel to that show, the Parisian gallery would also display some works in Paris, until April 11.


Terry Richardon, a New York photographer, born 1965, picture@galerieperrotin

In 2015, New York art scene celebrated 20 years of provocative pictures signed by Terry Richardson. Working for magazines, fashion designers or covering the fashion news, Terry Richardson is considered as a trend maker and a very  sulfurous figure at the same time.

Etam, Juicy Couture, Mango or Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, President Obama and Beyonce, they all wanted to work under the eyes of such an artist. Since 1990, the beginning of his career, it is hard to tell how many VIP or people posed for him… On his official website,, the photographer carries on showing his covers and presents his past work, his videos and his diary.

Based in New York, Terry Richardson belongs to those rock n roll figures embodying provocation, glamour and sex appeal.  


Terry Richardson, The Face, Joachim Phoenix, 1995, picture@

The new raising stars of Hollywood such as the young Joachim Phoenix above, got their portraits by Terry: under a very dry light, spontaneous and enigmatic, each actor or model look rebel  and deliver a strong message.

From glamorous covers to hilarious montages, the pictures taken by Terry Richardson are famous worldwide now and pay a certain tribute to Helmut Newton, such as the following:



“Lindsay Lohan at the Chateau Marmont #2” 2010
C-print / C-print
26 x 40 inches / 66 x 100 cm
Edition of 3


“Portraits” – current solo show

Jan 14 – Mar 12, 2016


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