MathildeHK at the Hong Kong Museum of History -The Radiant Ming through the Min Chiu Society Collection

You like Chinese art?

You are curious about the court life in Ancient China?

You want to know more about the Ming dynasty?


In 2010, the Min Chiu Society celebrated its 50th jubilee birthday with an exhibit at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. This winter, the collectors belonging to that very private club selected 300 objects to display. For your eyes only…

“Founded in 1960 by a group of Chinese collectors from Shanghai and Hong Kong, the Min Chiu Society (敏求精舍) derives its name from a line from the Analects of Confucius: “The master said, ‘I was not born with knowledge but, being fond of antiquity, I am quick to seek it.’” (我非生而知之者,好古敏以求之者也). The Society is a private group of gentlemen devoted to enhancing appreciation for Chinese art through showcasing its internationally acclaimed private collections.”


Huanghuali cabinets, Collection of Mr Raymond Hung, picture@hkmuseumofhistory

With a wide range of pieces, such as porcelains, lacquers, cloisonné enamels, jades, textiles, furniture and silversmith, paintings, calligraphies, and scholars objects, the exhibition focused on the Ming Dynasty’s way of life and its multifarious culture.

Between 1368 and 1644, 15 emperors succeeded on the Chinese throne and contributed to the legend of the Ming Dynasty. Some of them led to grander and power, such as the famous Emperor Yongle, 1402-1424 who nominated Zheng He at the head of the famous maritime expeditions, or built the forbidden city, some others, such as the last Ming dynasty emperor, Chongzhen, who committed suicide facing rebellions and threatening populations in 1644.


Huanghuali wooden six-post canopy bed from the late 16th century (Collection of Mr Raymond Hung), picture@hkmuseumofhistory

The Yongle Emperor

The Yongle Emperor Ink parchment by anonymous artist, Early Ming Dynasty, picture@hkmuseumofhistory

The exhibition provides a serious range of documentations and notices, along with educational pamphlet for young public, while the number and quality of earthenware is excellent.

The Radiant Ming 1368-1644 through the Min Chiu Society Collection 

Until Apr 11

Hong Kong Museum of History, 100 Chatham Rd S, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Tickets: $10, free admission on Wednesdays; Mon, Wed-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun and public holidays 10am-7pm.


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