Mathilde HK at the National Gallery, London – ” Goya : The Portraits”

You like fine old masters paintings and especially portraits?

The must seen Paintings exhibition in London: Goya: The Portraits

goya selfportrait

Goya, Self Portrait in his studio, 1793-5 © Museo de la Ral

After 10 years of tremendous efforts and negotiations with private collectors, international Institutions and Museums, the National Gallery London presents 70 works by Goya, including drawings and sketches, until January 2016.

Countess-Duchess of Benavente, 1785

Goya, The Countess-Duchess of Benavente, 1785, picture@nationalgallery

Curated by Xavier Bray, the exhibition showcases a large number of paintings and drawings by the Spanish portraitist who lived between 1746 and 1828, focusing on his carrier as a court painter rather than on his inks and caricatures. From Madrid to Bordeaux, the many patrons, royalties and friends Goya encountered are depicted with a fine brush and humanity. The exhibition follows a chronological order and helps the visitor to understand the challenges and even the avant-garde of Goya’s portraits.

Visitors look at paintings
Visitors look at paintings “The Duke of Osuna around 1795” (L), “The Duke and Duchess of Osuna and their Children 1788” (C), and “The Countess-Duchess of Benavente 1785 by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya during a press preview of “Goya, The Portraits” at the National Gallery in London on October 6, 2015. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS

My favorite pendants:


The Duchess of Alba(1797), Goya, picture@nationalgallery


The Queen Mary, María Luisa wearing a Mantilla’, 1799. (right) Colecciones Reales, Patrimonio Nacional, Palacio Real de Madrid © Patrimonio Nacional

Both women were in competition and the Duchess of Alba was the queen of Spain’s main enemy, but she first managed to be portrayed as the typical Spanish woman with the traditional dress and the Mantilla, fashionable at that time among the Aristocracy, a kind of provocation to the Queen….who commissioned a similar portrait 2 years later…

Dr Gabriele Finaldi, Director of the National Gallery said:

“We are very honoured to receive these iconic and highly important paintings on loan from Patrimonio Nacional. The arrival of this pair of exceptional paintings by Goya from the Royal Palace in Madrid presents the unique opportunity to witness Goya’s development as a royal portraitist, displayed in the context of his remarkable career. We are delighted to feature the paintings in this, the first ever exhibition to focus on his portraits.”


Goya, Disarming: a battle-weary Ferdinand VII in Court Dress, 1814-15 Museo Nacional del Prado

National Gallery 2015 Exhibitions

Goya: The Portraits

7 October 2015 – 10 January 2016


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