Mathilde HK at Liang Yi Museum – Scholars and Debutantes : a contrast of Ascetic and opulent Luxuries

You like fine and luxury objets, rare woods and precious gems?


Liang Yi Museum, wine cups, Zitan wood, 18th century, picture@liangyimuseum

2 exhibitions in 1 : For Him or Her

Until February 2016, the Liang Yi Museum launched an exhibition: Scholars and Debutantes : a contrast of Ascetic and opulent Luxuries, with 100 artefacts made of Chinese precious wood on the 1st floor, and 240 precious vanity cases and minaudiaires on the upper floor.


A 17th or 18th century scholar’s rock on a fitted zitan stand, picture@liangyimuseum

The Museum recreated the daily surrounding of a scholar in Imperial China under the Ming and the Qing dynasties. From the calligraphy desk and tools, such as brushes, boxes, brush pots, to private devotion spaces such as the incense room, or tea rooms, the exhibition recreates intimate spaces dedicated to meditation and literature.


Ming dynasty artefacts and writing desk, picture@MathildeHK


Pair of Imperial book cases, Zitan, 18th century, picture@MathildeHK


Bird cage, Zitan wood, 19th century, picture@MathildeHK

On the second floor, the Liang Yi showcased more than 200 Vanity Cases, real testimonies of female elegance, from small snuff boxes made in 18th century to precious hand-bags and Minaudieres created after WWII.  A quite Hollywood like atmosphere, with many creations influenced by Chinese lacquers and decorations…


Vanity cases and pochettes, 1920’s -1930’s, picture@MathildeHK


Cartier, use of coins from 1792 picture@MathildeHK

Cartier, influence of Chinese imperial silk, picture@MathildeHK


Bulgari, picture@MathildeHK

Exhibition details

Until February 2016
Opening Hours : Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm.
Closed on Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays.

Admission Fee : HK$200 includes a guided tour, appointments are required. Wednesdays are open free of charge to full-time students with prior arrangement.

181-199 Hollywood Road,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
(852) 2806-8280

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