MathildeHK at PMQ: Wipe Out – Invader’s creative universe

You like contemporary artists?

You heard about the success of street art?

You know the invaders?


Wipe out, PMQ, picture@MathildeHK

Today, I went to see the exhibition launched by The French May, dedicated to the French Artist Invader. The exhibition was divided into 5 main sections. The first room showed the artist’s scooter customized in 1999 by fellow artists. Then, visitors can see the mosaics on display in HK and their in site pictures. A movie room showed us documentaries, among which the last experiment of the Invader, who wished to film the sky with an invader on: the Art4 Space project. The led paintings showcased the very new creations including leds. At last, a picture wall recreated the flashinvaders apps, launched by invader in order to list his creations – invaders and challenge the public, becoming actual players.


Wipe out, PMQ, picture@MathildeHK

Hong Kong and Graffiti: 


Invader, above La Cabane, wineshop, picture@MathildeHK

The last time the anonymous French street artist known only as “Invader” was in Hong Kong, in early 2014, he placed more than 35 of his little tiled images of video game characters (as well as Bruce Lee and Hong Kong Phooey) on public walls all round the city. Every single one of them was removed and destroyed by the government.

This time Invader is returning as a guest of the French consulate, as part of Le French May, and if he is planning any unsolicited invasions onto Hong Kong walls while he’s here, he’s not saying a word. “I’m sad and affected by this big ‘wipe out’,” he says in an email interview. by Victoria Finlay

Who’s Who


Wipe out, PMQ, picture@MathildeHK

“The mosaics I am creating are made with basic tiles that you can buy in any tile shop for a few dollars. If you want a space invader mosaic for yourself, buy some tiles and DIY; it will look like one of mine.” said the Invader

French artist Invader is internationally known for his pixelated mosaic “space invaders”  which he has placed in over 60 cities around the world for almost 20 years. In January  2014, the artist launched the third wave of his “invasion” in Hong Kong 13 years after he first hit the city.The works showed a significant evolution, displaying characters from local culture and classic cartoons, but still in the artist’s immediately recognizable pixel aesthetic.


Wipe out, PMQ, picture@MathildeHK

This invasion was also unique as nearly 90% of his artworks were removed from the walls of the city within a few weeks, wiped out by  an  over-zealous  local  highway  cleaning  crew. Named  after this  strange  undertaking,  the exhibition will restore Invader’s creative universe with pieces from the recent Hong Kong invasion, along with never-before seen videos, new LED artworks, and new monumental sculptures. By Le French May


Wipe out, PMQ, picture@LeFrenchMay

A must for any Hong Kong lover!!

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