Mathilde HK at Soviet Pin Up – Erarta Galleries HK

You like prints and illustrations?

You are interested in Soviet Propaganda?

You enjoy the American Pin-up?


images (3)

Valery Barykin, Always choose Aeroflot, 2012, picture@erartagalleries


On Hollywood road, the gallery Erarta showcases a set of Prints from Russia…but not any prints…Valery Barykin’s solo exhibition entitled ‘Soviet Pin-Up’, will be displayed until May the 9th and I encourage you to take a look.

Glamorous, peppy, glossy, if not sexy, the Soviet pin-ups created by Valery Barykin introduced us to a world of  Russian vintage propaganda. Between advertisement for a Potemkin  village and soft criticism of the communist ideal, the set of about 30 prints presents motto and slogans in Cyrillic script above the stereotypes of the perfect soviet man and woman.


At the Librairy, Valery Barykin, picture@erartagalleries

Biography and exhibitions

Valery Barykin was born May 2, 1966 in Ivanovo in a military family.

He studied at the Polytechnic University of Nizhny Novgorod, was in the Army, graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Theatre School specialty “Theater Artist.”
Since the mid-1990s. he tries different kinds of art, in painting, drawing, performance, print design. He is in the Union of the artists of Nizhny Novgorod “Gallery of Atypical Art”, participates in group exhibitions. He is developing a style of “Soviet Pin-Up” since 2000s.

The American influence

Among the many women depicted by the American post world-war II  pinups artists Gil Elvgren, Peter Driben and Alberto Vargas, the one I would rather select to compare with the Russian version are the following:

images (5) images (6)

Gil Elvgren – “Cowgirl Sheriff Has Keys To Jail !” 1967 and  “Indian Sign” 1955,

Those pretty girls embodied  the American identity and cliches with the Cowgirl and the Indian chef, just like the Russian workers below represent the never tired soviet Stakhanovs.




Young forman, approach the construction site, 2012, Valery Barykin, picture@erartagalleries



A very nice bridge between China and Russia….


Erarta Galleries Hong Kong
159 Hollywood Road, Central
Hong Kong, China
Tel: (+852) 2685 5199


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