Mathilde HK at Art Basel

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General Impression
Art Basel in Hong Kong 2015
© Art Basel

Last Friday I went to the sixth edition of Art Basel  HK with two friends of mine. I wanted to focus on the Asian contemporary works. The fair was divided into two floors whose  main encounters sections were dedicated to monumental installations, curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor.

The whole effect was rather nice to look at, but a bit too Museum like for me. It was difficult not to consider the high financial value of the works and I must confess I did not always understand the works on display, either their prices nor their provocation.


Gallery IHN
Myeong Beom Kim
Art Basel in Hong Kong 2015
© Art Basel

With half of the participating galleries coming from Asia and Asia-Pacific, Art Basel in Hong Kong is taking a significant role in the international art world with more than 3,000 artists from Asia and around the globe. Over 179 of the world’s leading Modern and contemporary art galleries were displaying paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, film, video and digital artworks.



Global impressions,  © Art Basel

Chinese Influence and Thematic at Ben Brown Fine Arts

Many galleries were showcasing works linked to Chinese landmarks, symbols or history and among them, the Hong Kong based gallery, Ben Brown Fine Arts.

I noticed the digital work signed by Vik Muniz, a very interesting contemporary artist from Brazil, whose work is already quite well known. I heard of him some years ago in Paris. He had just performed an installation in South of France, next to Avignon, at the Chartreuse and I had seen it back there. He is known to have done pictures with chocolate and food.

In his new series called Postcards from Nowhere, Vik Muniz features large-scale color photographs based on iconic landmarks and travel destinations around the world. The thick format of the vintage photographs glued together, coupled with the studio lighting used to photograph them, result in a three-dimensional monumental photographs.


Vik Muniz
Forbidden City (Postcards from Nowhere), 2014
Digital c-print
180.3 x 256.8 cm
71 x 101 1/8 inches
Edition of 6 + 4 AP

I also found the installation of two sculptures by Wang Keping very touching. Indeed, Wang Keping has been selected to exhibit at Art Basel HK’s curated Encounters section with 2 colossal works of wood sculpture measuring up to 3.5 meters in height. Each work is made from a single tree. These works are being shown in Hong Kong for the first time with a monumental ink on paper background.


Wang Keping
Femme, 2006
116 x 40 x 35 cm
45 5/8 x 15 3/4 x 13 3/4 inches


Encounter section, Art Basel HK 2015,

Discovery of an Indonesian gallery: ROH Projects

A small stand displaying electric installations signed by Bagus Pandega drew my attention. ROH Projects was founded to observe, to facilitate, and to give public access to the development of contemporary art with an emphasis on works by Indonesian artists. The gallery aims to show works by established artists who have developed a reputable following, by young artists that have not been exhibited, or by international artists whose work has rarely been shown in Indonesia.

1424184276.2149_3_o (1)

Bagus PandegaMH. Thamrin No. 10 – Thamrin Nine Complex / ANZ Square, Mezzanine Floor Unit A&B Jakarta 10230 – Indonesia



Coming Art Basel FAIR

– Basel -June 18–21, 2015…

– Miami Beach – December 3–6, 2015…



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