Mathilde HK at Sotheby’s Autumn sales – preview – 4 October 2014

You like fine Ceramics and Antiquities?

You are curious about Chinese Porcelains?

You enjoy seeing very rare objects?


‘Dragon Jar’, Carved Celadon-glazed porcelain, Quianlong Period, Fronthill Collection, Sold by Sotheby’s in October 2014,

On Saturday October 4, I went to the preview of the Sotheby’s Hong Kong Autumn sales with the OCS, at 8.45 am, right before the stands official opening. As usual, we had the pleasure to listen to Nicolas Chow  introducing us to some highlights of the collections on sale.  The Department of Chinese Ceramics and Works of Arts focused on different private collections that time, such as: The Fronthill Porcelains, the second part of the Baoyizhai Collection of Chinese Lacquers, the Later Chinese Bronzes from the Collection Of Ulrich Hausmann, The Sakamoto Goro Porcelains.

The real star of the sale was the Fronthill Dragon Jar in Celadon-glazed from XVIIIth century, early Qianlong reign (1736-95). The piece fetched 94200, 000 HKD!!!! We were able to touch it and to see it very carefully. The size, the beautiful glaze and the elegance of the dragons depicted on it really drew my attention. I had never seen such a Celadon piece before!


Yellow-ground ‘Yangcai Vase ‘, Porcelain, Period of Qianlong, American Collection,  Sold by Sotheby’s in October 2014,

The most fantastic story Nicolas Chow told us was the one about a flowered-yellow Porcelain Vase from the Qing Dynasty. The piece was purchased in California for 300 USD on a local antic market. Few years later, the owner moved to North Carolina and decided to sell the piece to a local art dealer. Scholars and dealers debated on the origins and identification of the piece and influenced its increasing value. It was then eventually sold for 1.5 million USD. Nicolas Chow told us he wanted his great predecessor, Julian Thomson, to look at it and expertise the piece but he never had the chance. So the piece remained unseen in his office for several years before he got confident enough to propose it on auction in 2014!

After Nicolas Chow’s introduction, Julian came to present us the lacquers and the bronzes from other collections. Among the 117 later period bronze pieces from Ulrich Hausmann , I liked the hand-warmer from the Ming Dynasty sold for 1,780,000 HKD.


Bronze Handwarmer, Ming Dynasty, Ulrich Hausmann Collection, Sold by Sotheby’s in October 2014,

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Fine Arts, Porcelain, Ming, Qing, Decorative Arts, Chinese Study, Bronzes, Qianlong, Chinese Furniture, old masters, Scholars,

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Sotheby’s Selling Exhibition – Sping Sale 2015
Hall 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Free admission


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