Mathilde HK at the Jewellery and Gems fair – Hong Kong

You like fine jewellery?

You are curious about vintage pieces?

You enjoy finding fine gems or semi-precious stones to design your own piece?


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, September 2014, 30 th edition,

From September 15 to 19, Hong Kong hosted the largest world fair of fine Jewellery and Gems, in two exhibition halls: the Convention and Exhibition Center and the Asiaworld Expo, next to the Airport.

The HKCEC was housing many different departments, such as the International Pavilion, the Designer avenue, the Asian fine jewellery, the Antique and Vintage Gallery, the  fine Design Pavilion, the Jadeite Gallery, Pearl jewellery, Silver Jewellery,  Jewellery Accessories. That 30 th Edition attracted more than 90 Antwerp Diamond companies and over 1600 exhibitors!!!!

I heard about the fair by a friend passionate about gems and regularly buying semi-precious and hard stones to create jewels. The registration to the event is a bit complicated: you should register online, then bring your business cards and fill in a detailed form at the entrance hall. The visitor board will give you a badge to access the different stands. Security is quite high but doesn’t prevent potential theft…

We selected the Antique and Vintage gallery. We were more interested in historical pieces and vintage rings. Most exhibitors were American, Swiss, Italian or from the Netherlands, and displayed very high quality pieces such as cameos, diamond necklaces, pocket watches, mainly XIX th century, Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces. Bulgary, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpel were well represented but only a few pieces were labelled, which was a pity.

The real difficulty relied in the identification of the renovation done on the pieces and the genuine parts. Sometimes the setting was original but nor the gems, sometimes it was the reverse, sometimes only a part of the mounted stones had been changed. The best offers were on display in huge boxes where jewels were mixed and selected according to a price range: from 500 USD to 2000 USD.

My selection:

Although I really appreciate Antique jewels, I am not an expert in gems nor in jewellery.

photo 4

Pearl Bracelet, 1920, around 18000 USD Europe, picture@mathildehk


Broche, Dragonfly form, around 1900, picture@mathildehk

Worldfair – Jewellery and Gems

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

15 – 21 September 2014

Topics and Keywords:

Solo: topics to focus on

Gems, Diamonds, Antiques, Perls, Gold, Watches, rings, necklesses, Art Deco, Vintage jewels

Combo: on the same topic

Upcoming Auction Hong Kong – Sotheby’s

Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite – 07 October 2014



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