Mathilde HK and Contemporary Ceramic in Hong Kong

You would like to learn more about contemporary Ceramic?

You make a collection of hand-made teapots and vases?

You want to acquire authentic pieces?

I like Ceramic in general, Porcelain in particular. I used to work in Paris for the fine porcelain brand, made in Limoges: Haviland. I am collecting earthenware and want to guide you if you are looking for collecting in Hong Kong. As soon as I arrived in 2013, I wanted to buy true Chinese earthenware, vases, pots and tableware. I also wanted to find a pottery place where I could meet artists and eventually learn about Chinese techniques. I was looking for both affordable and top quality pieces I could be completely sure about. I was curious about hand-made objects that wouldn’t be fakes.

Let me share my findings with you.

Contemporary hand-made Pottery in Hong Kong:

The Pottery Workshop

The first thing I looked for when I arrived was an education center for traditional Ceramic making and earthenware. I found out about a place on Hollywood road called the Pottery Workshop, a real institution in Hong Kong, existing since 1985. The studio sponsors contemporary artists, houses exhibitions, does residences and provides the public with individual or group classes of very good quality. They have workshops in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Jingdezhen, the mecca for Chinese Porcelain and the biggest studio of the whole organization.

The Hong Kong Workshop displays the artists’ creations in a small gallery and has an online shop which is in Chinese only. They are not as big as the Jingdezhen center but they are very active.  The Collection they sale is large, from dinnerware and teapots to design pieces.  The prices are reasonable and the pieces are mainly earthenware.

My selection of Mugs:

57_P_1403307544695         56_P_1403307137679

The Pottery Worshop, online shop,

The Design Studio created by the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen displays various pieces, such as customized dishes, Chinese contemporary vases decorated with bats, white ceramic tales, and porcelain figures. The quality rank of their products is high, since they are mostly made of porcelain, and so are the prices.

My selection of Porcelain wares:

photo 2

photo 1

Design Studio,The Pottery Workshop of Jingdezhen,

Fine contemporary Porcelain in Hong Kong:

Shanghai Tang Collections

Shanghai Tang, the Hong Kong luxury brand created in 1994, designed porcelain ware that are already on display in Decorative Arts Museums, such as The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  The 1997 mud called ‘Leader and Flags’, is a Porcelain transfer printed in enamels depicting Mao Zedong. The decoration was created by Shanghai Tang after the painting made by Wang Ziwei in 1989 and is now housed at the V&A, in the Factory Ceramics galleries.


‘Leader and Flags’, 1997 Shanghai Tang, Hong Kong, V&A,

The luxury brand continues on creating porcelain inspired by traditional China that is of good quality, even though it is not hand-made. The designer Jacky Tsai, for instance, was commissioned  Blue and White tableware for the brand. According to me, the 2014 Lotus Porcelain Collection is a real best seller. The price for the dining set is expensive but it is a real artwork signed by a famous artist.


Lotus Play, 2014, Shanghai Tang, Jacky Tsai,

Art gallery specialized in Contemporary Ceramic in Hong Kong :

The Nec Gallery

Located on Hollywood road, the Gallery Nec displays an important collection of contemporary artists working on one specific medium: ceramic. Created in Paris in 2001 by Roger Nilsson and Alain Chiglien, the gallery promotes works that are very innovative and refined. Among the artists the Nec Gallery represents, I selected Steen Ipsen, whose work remind me of cells and DNA schemes.


Steen Ipsen, Tied up 35, 2012,


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2013 Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters – Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware (1/F)
Until 2014.9.8

Free admission













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