Mathilde HK in Hong Kong Museum of Art – Ju Ming

You are curious about Chinese contemporary sculptures?
You like artists catching everyday life movements and attitudes?
You appreciate an artist working on many different materials?

In March, I went to Ju Ming sculpture exhibition ‘Sculpting the living world’, at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The exhibition was a posthumous show since that artist, native from Taiwan, died in 2008. 120 sets of various 3 dimensional figures were on display, many provided by the Museum itself. The public could see some blocks on the museum balconies and terraces, which gave them a strong taste of realism. Ju Ming is very well known on the international scene and had many exhibitions running in London, New York and Taiwan. His major productions, Taichi Series and Living World Series, partly presented in that solo show, were developed during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

I heard about that fabulous retrospective from a good friend who notices the outdoor installations in front of the Museum. I already knew about Ju Ming from a previous experience in France. Indeed, in 1997, his sculptures were to be seen on the Place Vendome in Paris. I was too young to notice the techniques and meanings of it, but I remember playing around.

My favorite art form:

The Large-scale wooden painted figures fascinated me. The artist started working on wood and then moved to ceramic, bronze and stainless steel. The carved figures I prefer are depicting everyday life, such as: wedding couples and family, street merchants, old couples walking, working man in a suit, school girls. In such a raw material as wood, Ju Ming shares a lot of feelings and tenderness, with a touch of humor.


Wood sculpture by Ju Ming, picture@Mathildehk

My favorite theme:

Later on in his carrier, Ju Ming moved to stainless steel sculptures. My attention was drawn by the series called: Swimming. Groups of girls alongside a suggested swimming pool are wearing white suits and seem to be ready to jump in water. Their shinning bodies, made out of steel, depict the tanned skins and the effect of water mirroring on it. Their pause, ascending from the pool, embody Women Beauty.


Swimming, Sainless steel sculpture, Ju Ming, picture@Mathildehk

Topics and keywords:

Solo: Themes and Topics to focus on in that exhibition
Sculptures, Taiwanese artist, sculptor, carved-wood, ceramic, stainless steel, bronze, Fine Arts, Contemporary Art, Installation, Ju Ming, Living world series, China everyday life.

Combo: On the same Topic
Sheung Wan and Wellington street
Hong Kong Museum of History
Departments: Folk culture in Hong Kong and Birth and Early Growth of the city.

Ju Ming ‘Sculpting the living world’ – Hong Kong Museum of Art

Until: 15 June 2014
Ticket: 20 HKD


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