Mathilde HK at Sotheby’s Spring Sale – April 2014

You like going to Auction Houses?
You enjoy Chinese Art?
You are curious about old master pieces or new talents?

Last April, I went on a guided tour to the Sotheby’s Selling Exhibition: Spring sale, April 4-8, in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The Objects on display were mainly Chinese. Sotheby’s and Christie’s display their seasonal exhibitions in Hong Kong at least twice a year. The public is allowed to visit the departments’ showcases for free, before the actual auctions. Two different eras drew my attention that time: Contemporary inks on paper on display with Chinese Furniture and Ceramics.

I heard about that VIP tour through the Oriental Ceramic Society. The visit took place on Sunday, April the 6th, at 8.45 a.m. The main celebrity who gave us a private view on the Chinese ceramic collection was the Chairman for Sotheby’s Asia: Nicolas Chow. I was delighted to benefit from his knowledge.

Not to mention the many other beautiful artefacts on sale that season, I must talk about the porcelain cup which became a real star after the sale: THE MEIYINTANG ‘CHICKEN CUP’. That very tiny piece of Chinese porcelain decorated with cocks and chickens is a real treasure. They are only 16 pieces alike to be found in the world. That precise cup Nicolas Chow presented us fetched 281,240,000 HKD at auction.

My favorite room:

On such occasion, the Department of Chinese Ceramics and Works of Arts decided to launch a selling exhibition on Ancient Chinese Decorative Arts and Modern inks on paper: Contemporary Literati – A Gathering, By Nicolas Chow.
They recreated an interior and decorated it as a Chinese study with fine objects such as: Ink stones, sideboards, calligraphy tools, Buddhas and precious brush pots. The experts added very old Bonsai to the display, some of them dating from the XVIIIth century, alongside with ancient Ying scholars rocks and carved woods in the shape of big mushrooms or snakes. Above the fine Chinese furniture, part of the Hung Collection, many contemporary ink works were hung. That innovative display created a peaceful atmosphere. The whole setting was giving a real feeling of what Zen esthetic should be.


Bonsai, XVIIIth century, picture@Mathildehk

My favorite work:

The pieces I discovered were inks on silk or paper made by Chinese artists in the last decades, such as: Tai Xiangzhou, Yu Hui or Xu Lei. I must confess to be less familiar with Chinese modern and contemporary Art. One picture in particular drew my attention: a ‘Satellite’, signed by Cai Xiaosong, dated 2009, with one seal of the artist. That ink on silk with fabric mount was sold for 375,000 HKD.


‘Satellite’, ink on silk, Cai Xiaosong, 2009, picture@Mathildehk

Topics and Keywords:

Solo: Themes and Topics to focus on in that exhibition
Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Chinese Study, Cosmos, Zen, Buddha, paintings, Ying Rocks, Chinese Furniture, old masters, Scholars, calligraphy, inks, carved wood, bonsai.

Combo: On the same topic

Sotheby’s Selling Exhibition – Spring Sale 2014
Hall 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Free admission


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