Mathilde Hk to the Liang Yi Museum

You like Ancient Chinese Furniture?
You are curious about imperial everyday life in Classic China?
You like Decorative Arts and Fine Craftsmanship?

After two weeks on a waiting list, I finally managed to book a private tour of the new Liang Yi private Museum. This amazing private collection is housed in an old industrial building on Hollywood road.The museum is not open to public, unless you book a private guided Tour. Bonnie, specialized in White and Blue Chinese Porcelain, showed me around, describing every single object. The collection counts 300 pieces but the museum displays only part of it. While the furniture are all Chinese and made for exceptional use, the decorative art pieces are mainly from Japan.
The museum also launched a special exhibition on 1920’s and 1930’s vanity cases, on display until September 2014.

I heard of the Liang Yi Museum from a friend working in Hong Kong for the French Consulate: Clemence Lugagne. I went to the grand opening with her and that was very refined: Champagne and Brass band music were welcoming us. Clemence was well aware of the premises and museum objectives. However, the Objects were not labeled and I noticed nice pieces but I wanted to know more.

My Favorite Objects:

The first day bed you encounter while entering the first floor space is an imperial XVIII th century piece. The carved dragons are to be seen on the 4 panels of the bed. This allows to trace the furniture back to an extremely important owner, since such refined and expensive details were usually on display only on the visible panels. Bonnie explained us that the bed must have been placed in ritual rooms in the forbidden city or carried on by eunuchs for outdoor ceremonies.


Day bed, Imperial provenance, picture@Mathildehk

The master piece on display in that first furniture exhibition is an impressive wardrobe with painted marble panels. The whole furniture is made out of 4 individual side boards that you can disassemble. The curators regrouped the 4 ensembles, forming a huge piece decorated with beautiful medallions depicting war scenes. Bonnie explained us that the piece was in possession of an American family and used to be used as a stereo furniture. The holes for the cables are still recognizable nowadays… As for the war scenes painted on Marble, they still work on their identification.



Large Wardrobe with marble painted-panels, picture@Mathildehk

Topics and Keywods:

Solo: themes and objects to be seen in that exhibition
Chinese traditional study room, Japanese gold and silver boxes, bamboo furniture, imperial day beds, Chest tables, Tables for games, exported furniture for Chinese customers, Japanese porcelain, statues of Buddha, worshiping furniture in China,

Combo: On the same topic
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, traditional Chinese tea sets.

Liang Yi Museum
146, Hollywood road, Hong Kong
Ticket: 200 HKD per pax


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