Mathilde HK at the Flagstaff Museum of Teaware.

You like Chinese Ceramic, especially Earthenware?
You want to learn more about purple clay teapots?
You are curious about Chinese Traditional Ceremony of Tea?

Last Saturday, I went on a tour to the Flagstaff Museum of Tea ware in Hong Kong Park. The museum launched an exhibition on Purple clay teapot with important loans from the Nanjing Museum. I followed a tour given by Anita Wong, the specialist of the city where those objects are made: Yixing.
Some workshops in Yixing are still working nowadays and they are well collected in China. Those teapots or water jugs are supposed to be the best dishes for Tea drinking. They preserve the flavor better and keep the water warmer than any other tea ware in China.


Yixing Teapot, XVIII-XIX th century, bamboo shape,sold at Christie’s for GB Pounds 2150, @Christie’s

I was aware of that special tour by the Oriental Ceramic Society news letter. I registered as soon as I got in Hong Kong in October so that I can be aware of everything linked to ceramic.
However, one can regret the little promotion around that exhibition.

My favorite piece in the exhibition:

One of the finest pieces on display is a 1533 purple teapot excavated in Nanjing Region back in 1966. That teapot is almost a celebrity. It belonged to a court Eunuch.The shape and handle are very fine and regular, while the whole piece is in perfect condition.
Many contemporary potters in Yixing still get their inspiration from those very ancient models and some of their works are on display at the end of the exhibition.


Yixing Teapot, 1533, @Flagstaffmuseumofteaware

Topics and keywords:

Solo: Themes and Topics to focus on in that exhibition
Tea in China, teapot, clay and colors, tea house, luxury goods consumption in Ancient China, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, Export tea wares, Japan and tea drinking, craft masters in China, contemporary ceramic in China, K.S. Loo legacy, Sotheby’s 1978 Asian Art sale.

Combo: Exhibitions to be seen on the same topic
Exhibition of fine Chinese furniture and fine objects in Liang Yi Museum on Hollywood road.

Gems of Yixing Tea Ware from the Nanjing Museums’ – Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware
Until: 10 July 2014
Ticket: free admission

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